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Stop diminishing your needs and start living your authentic life from pleasure.

Women aren’t complicated, we’re simply misunderstood. We have learned to make ourselves and our needs small to fit in. Women’s sexuality and desire have been taboos throughout the centuries, which is why many women feel disconnected from themselves and their sexuality. That’s why authentic pleasure is a foreign concept to many, and often women focus on pleasing their partner.

We live in a 24/7 society where performance is highlighted above all. Women are burning themselves out and performing life which leaves little room for sensality and femininity. Our modern lifestyle combined with the history of shaming and belittling has led to numerous women having hormonal imbalances, low libido, difficulty enjoying sex, and diminishing our needs.

If we look at the alarming percentage of low libido for example (45%), and difficulty orgasming (54%). But what if you could own your pleasure and feel empowered by reconnecting with who YOU are?

I created the HEAL method to help you heal what’s holding you back from living your fullest life.

"Reconnecting with my sensuality elevated all aspects of my life." Anna Lindfors

Who is Anna Lindfors?

Sexologist & Psychologist
Specialist in Sexological Therapy

I wasn’t always sexually empowered and celebrating womanhood. In fact, my journey began from feeling broken and disconnected.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 20. This shifted me from exploring sensuality and womanhood into living with chronic pain and problem-fixing mode. Going through various hormonal treatments disconnected me from my sensuality and desire. I was performing life and people-pleasing in relationships. So on the surface, I was having the time of my life partying and studying, but underneath I had some healing to do.

At some point, I had enough. I felt that I wasn’t living my fullest life and I started healing. I worked through my trauma both psychologically and reconnected with my body and pleasure. I biohacked my endo into remission and was able to stop all synthetic hormones. This unlocked Anna 2.0: via balancing my hormones naturally I reconnected with my desire and the incredible rush of energy and creativity that comes with it. I felt sensual in my body and started celebrating my womanhood again.

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Client Feedback

WomanAge 21
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After years of talking to psychologists and getting nowhere, I finally had the opportunity to meet Anna who took a more holistic approach to my healing journey. I was so comfortable sharing my deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences while feeling so supported, guided and empowered to continue exploring myself physically and emotionally. I was (for the first time) given tools to actively work on myself and my healing which has inspired and motivated me to continue exploring and connecting with myself allowing for a space of patience and acceptance. Anna truly supported me through a very tough time without doing the work for me but by guiding and encouraging me to work through it myself. I enjoyed my sessions with Anna and often would feel energised and motivated. I really believe in the power of holistic healing. I have learned so much through Anna and look forward to constantly growing by using the tools she had given to me.
WomanAge 41
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Anna's ability to ask the right questions, give words to experiences, unfold existing cultural concepts, and break dysfunctional behaviour patterns liberated me from the boxes I had put myself in to fit societal expectations and connect with my higher self. She helped me dig underneath the surface and reconnect with myself - and celebrate my way of being a woman.
WomanAge 30
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I was a bit nervous at first when starting the therapeutic process, but Anna was very easy to talk to. She has helped me work through pain during sex and sexual trauma in a kind and empathic way and allowed me to process at my own pace. Ever since my trauma I have felt lost, stressed and just at unease not able to relax or enjoy sex. I learned from Anna how trauma impacts the nervous system and ways to regulate it. I feel much more connected to my body and will continue this process.
Start your journey toward authentic pleasure and connection. Download your FREE guide to Full Body Orgasm. This guide will teach you how to reconnect with yourself, have authentic sex and expand pleasure into a full body experience.

Start your journey toward authentic pleasure and connection. Download your FREE guide to Full Body Orgasm. This guide will teach you how to reconnect with yourself, have authentic sex and expand pleasure into a full body experience.